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The Hardest Skill You’ll Ever Have To Learn

Jan 15, 2024

Read time: 1.5 minutes

I worked in Corporate America for eight years and have been a creator (in varying facets) for the last decade plus.

Across both professions, I have received praise and criticism for my work.

In the early years, the praises had me high on happiness, while the criticism equally weighed me down with insecurity.

That was until I learned how to be even-keeled.

The benefit of being even-keeled is that you remain well-balanced and unruffled in any situation.

Let me show you a few simple ways to keep an even keel.

What is even-keeled

When used to describe a person or situation, even-keeled means being calm, steady, and balanced, or not given to sudden changes in mood or behavior.

In other words, “Praise won’t put you on the mountain, and criticism won’t put you in the valley.”

This skill is hard to learn and master because we’re human beings with emotions. However, the sooner we do, the more stable we’ll feel regardless of the situation.

Here are some things to consider.

How to keep an even keel

  • Recognize your triggers for negative emotions (what puts you in the valley?)
  • Learn to change your reaction to these triggers
  • Pick up a mindfulness practice such as journaling
  • Exercise consistently (walk, run, bike, swim, play a sport — this is helpful both physically and mentally)
  • Follow a decision-making process that isn’t based solely on emotion

Why this matters

When you lead with an even-keeled perspective, you are not allowing the ups and downs of a season to get to you.

Since life and the life around us are ever-changing and constantly evolving, there is only so much within our direct control. And the best thing you can do is to control what is controllable.

I hope you consider this perspective and work toward embracing a more even-keeled attitude going forward.

That’s all for today!

Keep growing on your journey, and I’ll see you next week.

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