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Craft a Winning New Year With More Mindfulness

Jan 07, 2024

Read Time: 3 minutes

This morning, as I was brushing my teeth (random, I know, but stick with me), I noticed something I wasn’t doing.

I wasn’t being present in that moment.

Instead, I was thinking about everything I wanted to get done today or forgot to do yesterday.

And the more I took note of what was happening, the more I realized that I’d been doing this for a long time.

My mind is elsewhere while washing the dishes, folding clothes, and eating.

It seems habitual the more I think about it.

To do one thing physically, but mentally, you’re somewhere else.

Can you relate?

This seemingly obvious discovery inspired this week’s issue of the Clarity Club because I strongly doubt that I’m the only person who does this.

Unfortunately, most people spend months or years doing this before they realize they are.

So, I want to help us course correct and craft a winning New Year with more mindfulness.

Here’s how.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is a cognitive skill that begins with recognizing that our everyday experience is not very mindful—that we are sleepwalking through much of our daily lives.

Stumbling from routine to routine while caught in a whirlwind of cluttered thinking.

Mindfulness is about being present, but instead, we ruminate over what someone said, what we should’ve said in a reply, what we failed to do years ago, or what we have to do tomorrow.

And so our minds are doing everything but being mindful.

And we miss the opportunity to be present.

Why mindfulness matters

To keep this simple, mindfulness leads to greater well-being and mental clarity.

The practice can be as simple as bringing awareness to a simple daily activity like brushing your teeth, which can help you bring yourself into the present moment.

With continued effort during seemingly small moments like this, you’ll soon be able to do the same thing during the busiest or most stressful times.

Crafting a winning New Year with more mindfulness

As I mentioned above, I’m not perfect. But it’s never too late to course correct. Here’s the playbook I’m following.

I encourage you to consider what I’m laying out.

Step 1: Removing Thinking Triggers

Thinking triggers are those things that prevent you from being present and fully engaged in what is happening.

There are two areas that I believe are worth considering.

  • Physical Environment – I firmly believe that the only path toward mental clarity and mindfulness is one paved with less clutter. This doesn’t mean you must become a “minimalist,” but it does require decluttering the excess at the very least. It’s crucial that we prioritize creating a space that allows us to be present and not a space that requires so much from us.
  • Schedule/Commitments – The same way we declutter unused and unwanted things in our lives, we also have to declutter our commitments if we genuinely want to engage in the opportunity to be present and prioritize what matters most to us. Here’s the habit I’ll be exercising in 2024: “Uncommit.”

Step 2: Creating Space for Expression

We’re human, and it’s okay to be human. This means we’re not perfect, and even after removing thinking triggers, our minds may still occasionally drift when we should be present.

So, creating space to express whatever we’re bothered by or thinking about is a good idea.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is through journaling.

It’s private and without boundaries. We can express ourselves however we see fit, without a filter.

If you’re new to journaling, I have a playlist on my YouTube channel to help get you started.

But if writing isn’t your thing, don’t hesitate to find someone you trust that you can talk to. (Even if it’s a professional).

Step 3: Slowing Down

Since quitting my corporate job three months ago and having to recreate my daily routine, I’ve found myself pushing to fill my days with busyness.

This constant on-the-go has kept my mind occupied and not present.

(Maybe you’ve been doing something similar)

So, to correct this behavior before I’m years down the line regretting moments I missed, I’m making it a priority to slow down, and I urge you to do the same.

After all, the tortoise beat the hare.

That’s all for today.

Keep growing on your journey, and I’ll see you next week.


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