In 2015, I got hired for my first corporate job in marketing.

I traveled A LOT!

These experiences opened my eyes and challenged my thinking. Prompting me to question what was important in life.

But regardless of where I was flying next, I felt trapped under the weight of my clutter that ultimately controlled my freedom, flexibility, and finances.

In 2016 I started decluttering my entire life.

I journaled as much as possible and wrote a ton of poetry. I spent hours working through my mental and emotional clutter and the brand-new, unworn clothes in my closet.

In 2019 I paid off $23,000 of student loans in 12 months.

Today, as a minimalist solopreneur, I run a one-person business teaching others how to create a life filled with less clutter and more clarity at home, in life, and in business.


If you want to chop it up on a podcast or at a virtual event or hire me to speak, then let's chat.

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