Create a decluttering process that doesn’t overwhelm you.

A step-by-step system for building an action plan and conquering your clutter.

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There’s no greater reward than having the freedom to prioritize more of what matters

But chances are, YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS.

You’ve spent months (maybe even years) frustrated with the current state of your home, life, or mindset.

And you’ve started to hear a voice inside saying:


Maybe I can motivate myself to declutter this weekend.

Maybe I can get faster results if I organize better.

Maybe I declutter without going as far as minimalism.

But whenever you even think about starting to declutter or continuing to work on your existing projects, you end up overwhelmed and stuck in the frozen zone.

To make matters worse, no matter how many videos you watch and podcast you listen to, it never seems to make a lasting difference

You’re still surfing YouTube videos, trying to piece together all the varying advice.

Yet you don’t feel any closer to knowing where to start or how to achieve your decluttering goals without feeling overwhelmed.

You acknowledge that you have too much stuff, but because of your rocky experience with decluttering, you wonder if owning less is even suitable for you.



I think now is the perfect time to share my story with you.

Hey there, my name is Ronald L. Banks

I’m a YouTuber and founder of the Clarity Club, and my audience has a mild fascination with my poetic communication style.

When I started decluttering in 2016, I had no clue what I was doing or the best place to start.

Even though I’d been writing poetry for four years and had grown to be very reflective, I knew next to nothing about how to live with less.

I mean... look at how many unnecessary clothes I had


(This was just scratching the surface of the clutter that consumed my life.)

At the time, my primary objective was to reinvent myself and use decluttering as a means to create my life rather than just stripping things out of it. But I had no roadmap or clear plan for how I would achieve that.

Whenever I attempted to declutter, I felt like I was making a bigger mess.

I’d spend hours pulling things out, only to put most of it back. My ‘strategy’ wasn’t much of a strategy, if I’m honest.

Occasionally, my decluttering efforts produced tangible results. But it was quickly followed by frustration, overwhelm, and periods of just existing in the frozen zone.

There were a few times when I could have called it quits and reverted to my old habits, which would have been easy. But I had a vision for my life and was determined to bring it to fruition.

My progress was slow, but I knew I was heading in the right direction.

As I continued to persist with the journey, I eventually broke through and decluttered everything that was no longer serving me.

By now, you’re probably wondering what I did to get to this point

(don’t worry we’ll get to that)

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But first, here’s what I didn’t do

I didn’t obsess over counting my possessions or attempt to organize my way to becoming clutter-free.

While those tactics may create the temporary appearance of being clutter-free, it’s not enough for sustainable change. (It’s just a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches).

Instead, a true clutter-free life goes beyond the appearance or number of possessions.

It’s one where you get to

  • Prioritize the things that matter to you without feeling guilty
  • Put your family first and create valuable memories
  • Enjoy using your home rather than spending all your time cleaning it
  • Connect with inspiring people and build relationships that add value to both your lives
  • Pursue meaningful work that’s fulfilling and rewarding beyond the paycheck

Now, the path to achieving this can be overwhelming...

At least if you go at it alone.

But, if you've ever wished for a guide to show you the way – look no further.


Step-by-step system to conquering your clutter and prioritizing what you care about

Get Instant Access for $147

The Decluttering Starter Kit is going to help you lay down the foundation you need to declutter with clarity and confidence


You won’t find surface-level tips and tactics that don’t teach you how or empower you to declutter on your own.

Instead, you’ll get an inside look at how I approach decluttering, my decision-making process for making confident decluttering decisions, and everything I wish I figured out sooner on my journey.

By the end, you’ll be able to:

Declutter with Confidence

Let’s lay a foundation that’ll give you a jumpstart you can feel confident in. You’ll know exactly what you fear about decluttering, the best place to start, why you want to declutter in the first place, and how to set goals you’re excited about.

Create An Action Plan Built For You

No more feeling like you’ve tried all the YouTube advice you could find, yet nothing truly helped. You’ll have developed a solid decluttering plan, so you’ll always know that your effort moves the needle.

Play Defense Effectively

Don’t let your efforts go to waste. You’ll learn the art of playing defense against clutter, the habits necessary to maintain a clutter-free life, and the key areas to consider when creating an all-around meaningful life.


Here’s what you get the moment you join The Starter Kit


What’s in the course?

Build Your Foundation

  • Acknowledge Your Decluttering Fears
  • Identify Your Core Values
  • Find a Big Enough Why
  • Identify Your Clutter Personality and Turn It Into Your Superpower
  • Visualize and Set Your Goals

Conquer Your Clutter

Part 1: Resources and Tools

  • 30+ Proven and Easy-to-Implement Decluttering Strategies
  • 50+ Stimulating and Challenging Decluttering Questions
  • Make Confident Decluttering Decisions: Decision-Making Matrix

Part 2: Project Planning and Decluttering

  • Project Planning Architecture: My Step-by-Step Decluttering Workflow
  • Navigating the Project Plan Workspace
  • Creating A Project Plan Together Step-by-Step

Part 3: Decluttering Guides

  • How To Declutter Your Mind: A Guide to Stop Thinking
  • Journaling for Less Clutter and More Clarity
  • A Guide To Decluttering Sentimental Items

Reflect and Learn

  • Reflect on Your Experience

Maintain Less Clutter for Life

  • The Art of Playing Defense
  • Dealing With Void After Decluttering
  • Creating a Meaningful Life Beyond Your Home

The Decluttering Starter Kit Workspace

You didn’t think this course was just theory did you? We’ve created a digital workspace filled with exercises, prompts, and steps to make sure you implement everything you’re learning to conquer your clutter. It’s designed to help guide you through the decluttering process in a way that translates into tangible results for your life.

Would you rather have a hard copy you can write on?

Opt for the 37 page workbook instead. The same exercises, packaged in a different format – designed to fit your preferred method of learning and implementing.

Access to

A private podcast only available to students of the Decluttering Starter Kit. Each episode, we dig into the details of how to attain decluttering success. Not what works in theory, but specific strategies and tactics that move the needle. You’ll hear brief conversations and pep talks from past students, plus first hand experiments and actionable advice from me (Ronald L Banks).

Introducing “Pep Talks”
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The Decluttering Starter Kit


  • You’ve started decluttering but you’re struggling to gain traction

    You’re tired of feeling like you’re decluttering efforts aren't getting you anywhere and you’re ready to create an action plan that will produce more than minimal results.

  • You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

    You want someone to walk you through the first steps, the key areas to focus on (and the “hacks” to ignore), and the mindset you need to adopt to overcome the self-doubt that keeps you trapped in the frozen zone.

  • You’re passionate about changing your life by eliminating clutter and building clarity


    You’re on this journey because you have a vision for you life that goes beyond a clutter-free home. You’re after freedom. Freedom to prioritize what you care about.

  • You want to learn how to declutter and feel empowered to do it on your own

    You want to gain the knowledge and build the confidence to conquer your clutter (even in the most complex areas). 

This is NOT for you if...

  • Youre not interested in decluttering or building clarity in your life

  • You’re expecting a magic pill to make your clutter disappear overnight. I can't promise that

  • You’ve conquered all your clutter, mastered playing defense against clutter and now you want to refine your vision, and pursue meaningful work

  • Youre only decluttering for the aesthetics

Get Instant Access for $147


Get Instant Access for $147

Decluttering is about creating your life, not stripping away the life you have.”

– Ronald L. Banks
Get Instant Access for $147