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Going Beyond Minimalism

Nov 05, 2023

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I was recently on the Creator Factor Podcast, and this was the first show I was asked to be on that wasn’t focused solely on minimalism or my experience with decluttering but rather on the life I’m creating and the clarity I’m pursuing (plus my take on being a creator).

Now, I was a bit surprised when this invite hit my inbox, but having the opportunity to speak beyond minimalism was exciting.

So, in today’s issue of the Clarity Club, I want to encourage you to go beyond minimalism.

Whether you’re just getting started with decluttering or you’re already years in on your journey. Eventually (if it hasn’t already happened), you’ll begin to look at your life like an onion that you are peeling away layers at.

  • Layer 1: Minimalism (decluttering your home)
  • Layer 2: A Quiet Mind (decluttering your headspace)
  • Layer 3: Emotional Peace (decluttering your emotions)
  • Layer 4: Financial Freedom (decluttering all debt)
  • Layer 5: A Meaningful Career (rethinking the work you want to do)
  • Core: Ultimate Clarity (having the freedom to prioritize what you care about)

However, many people stop after layer one, and I understand why.

Achieving a clutter-free home and enjoying the stress-free environment it creates is a fantastic feeling.

I mean, the simple fact that my wife and I can do the laundry for the whole family in a fraction of the time it used to take us is a reward in itself.

Not to mention, we can have guests and in-laws come over without stressing about cleaning and hiding the mess behind closed doors.

So I get it.

Layer one is where it’s at. It offers a ton of benefits that are very satisfying.

But the difference between layer one and every layer after that is all in the vision you have for your life.

And odds are you want more out of minimalism than just a clutter-free home.

So, how can you begin to make that you’re reality?

Here are three practical questions I challenge you to answer:

These are meant to be open-ended; draw it up how it makes sense to you.

Question #1: What kind of life do you want to live?

Think big-picture and long-term. The best place to start is your core values.

Question #2: How do you plan to create that?

Today is day one of your journey of creating the life you want (beyond minimalism). What’s your game plan?

Question #3: What will you fill your life with to help you get there?

After decluttering, you’ll likely feel tempted to refill your life with temporary thrills and things you don’t need.

Don’t give in to those pacifiers. Instead, seek things, relationships, and thoughts that fill you with purpose and lasting fulfillment.

If it’s not helping you attain the life you want, then it’s clutter.

I hope these simple questions help you navigate your journey. And maybe they’re just the push you need to go beyond minimalism.

Here’s how I’m going beyond minimalism on my journey.

Question #1: What kind of life do you want to live?

I want to live a life that aligns with my core values (across the board). My core values are Integrity, Faith, Family, and Creativity.

Ultimately, I’m after the freedom to prioritize putting my family first and to do work that both affords me that reality and feeds my creativity.

Question #2: How do you plan to create that?

I’ve created this reality by decluttering every aspect of my life, including paying off all my debt. (My wife has done the same.) This has welcomed a tremendous amount of clarity that I nor we would have had otherwise.

This has also moved us into a position that has blessed us with the opportunity for me to leave my corporate job (after eight years) to pursue more meaningful work full-time. Work that afforded us the free time to have more family time.

Question #3: What will you fill your life with to help you get there?

The short answer is less clutter and more clarity. Beyond that, I’m continuously educating myself and learning the skills necessary to build a business with integrity. Filling my life with work that is a blessing and not a burden is critical to maintaining the kind of life I want to live.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help you:

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