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Face Your Fears To Get What You Want

Oct 29, 2023

Most people (me included) aren’t good at pushing out of our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone is where we feel completely in control and safe from the unknown.

It’s where routine and predictable blossom.

It’s where our deepest desires dissolve.

And therein lies a problem.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been contemplating a major decision that I’ve been playing tug of war with for years.

What was that decision?

(We’ll get to that in a moment.)

You see, on the other side of comfort is fear. And one of the most impactful lessons I’ve learned in the last 30 years is that you must face your fears to get what you want.

That said…

I’ve recently decided to leave my corporate job (after eight years) to pursue more meaningful work full-time.

The work I’m doing right here with you and The Clarity Club.

The above photo of me was taken this past Friday as I was leaving my home to start what was my last day.

I share this with you not to serve as a diary entry but rather as encouragement and inspiration for you on your journey.

Whether you’re just getting started with decluttering, tackling your debt, or beginning to question the role of work in your life.

I want you to know and witness through me that the journey is worth it.

As I push forward in this new chapter of being self-employed, I’ll be sharing everything I learn, do, and don’t do.

But what I’m most excited about is growing further together on this journey as we seek less clutter and more clarity.

Remember: If you want to build something meaningful, you must be willing to face your fears.

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