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Declutter Like You’re Packing for Vacation

Feb 11, 2024

Read time: 2 minutes

You likely started decluttering because you were facing a problem. You may have been:

  • Overwhelmed by all the things you’ve accumulated
  • Regretting the time you’ve missed with family and friends
  • Unsure of your values or what you want out of life
  • Seeking freedom and emotional security

Whatever the reason, it pushed you to start decluttering and seek content like mine to help you.

However, you may have started to feel stuck or frustrated with your progress. Despite your initial success, you feel like your ongoing effort is barely moving the needle — which can feel discouraging.

If so, I want to offer you a new perspective to help reignite your flame and encourage you to recover and continue conquering your clutter.

Let’s dive in.

Declutter Like You’re Packing for Vacation

When you pack your suitcase for vacation or a short weekend trip, what are the essential things you’re grabbing first? Well, it depends on where you’re going, right?

If you were flying to Florida in the summer, the essential things you need to pack will be very different than if you were flying to Colorado to hike in the fall or to Greece for a new experience in the spring.

Wherever the destination, the essential things you bring will change.

So here’s my question:

Why is it that when we travel to a new location, our primary objective is to pack only the things we need and maybe an extra item or two — knowing that if we forget something, we’ll just “pick one up when we land.”

But when it comes to our homes, minds, and hearts, why are we willing and ok with packing those areas with MORE than we need?

It seems a bit backward, don’t you think?

Here’s how to apply this to your journey

I have preached for a long time that decluttering is an individual journey.

What one person keeps or declutters will depend on their situation and may differ greatly from what you keep or declutter.

This is why it’s essential to identify your core values and prioritize creating an environment that supports them.

Consider the following perspective the next time you approach your stuff and are deciding what to do:

  • The suitcase you pack for vacation symbolizes your home, mind, and heart.
  • The location you’re flying to is the season of life we’re in.
  • Pack only the essential things you need for this season of your life.
  • When it’s time to fly somewhere new (aka, the season of your life changes), update the items in your suitcase

Side note: Throw in an extra item or two where it makes sense because minimalism and being yourself don’t have to conflict.

Decluttering is about creating your life, not stripping away the life you have.

Happy decluttering, and I’ll see you next week.


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Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

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