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Priorities Assessment — 7 Questions to Reassess Your Commitments

Ronald L. Banks [An open letter to clarity seekers]

I started decluttering my life in 2016, and I’ve been on a mission to conquer my clutter, prioritize my values, and pursue meaningful work.

Throughout my experience and lessons learned, I’ve developed a singular belief:

There’s only one way to ensure you live a life you have creative control over – and it’s not wishing or hoping for it.

The only reliable way to find success on this journey is through constant, disciplined pursuit of more clarity.

The questions highlighted in this guide will help you reassess your commitments and define your priorities. They will also encourage you to think differently and clearly about how you’re spending your time.

Remember: “Small changes in your mindset will compound into significant changes in your life.”

Talk soon!


- Ronald L. Banks

Note: These questions are in no particular order.

Question #1:

Does this align with my core values?

Discover your core values and align every task with them. Doing so will help you lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Question #2:

What will be the probable outcome of prioritizing this task? What if I don’t prioritize it?

Prioritizing tasks can be challenging. Ask yourself what the likely outcome of prioritizing a task will be and what will happen if you don’t. Taking a few minutes to answer this question will help you make the best decision.

Question #3:

Will this task help me grow? Does it align with my goals?

Every task you take on should be an intentional decision. Choose tasks that align with your goals and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. 

Question #4:

How is this task serving me and my family?

Consider how each task you undertake contributes to your personal growth (and the well-being of your loved ones.) Every task should serve a purpose, and it’s essential to ensure that you’re spending your time wisely.

Question #5:

Will this task drain or energize me?

Choose tasks that energize and motivate you, and avoid those that drain you and cause burnout.

Question #6:

Does my schedule reflect how I want to live my life? (Am I spending my time intentionally? Do I have enough time for the things I love and enjoy?)

Your calendar reflects how you choose to live your life. Ensure that you’re spending your time intentionally and have enough time for the things you love and enjoy.

Question #7:

What is the reason behind doing this task?

Understanding the ‘why’ behind every task is essential. It helps you prioritize effectively and ensures you’re working towards what matters most.

Ronald L. Banks

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