$147.00 USD

The Decluttering Starter Kit

Step-by-step system to conquering your clutter and prioritizing what you care about.

This course will help you lay down the foundation you need to declutter with clarity and confidence.

You won’t find surface-level tips and tactics that don’t teach you how or empower you to declutter on your own.

Instead, you’ll get an inside look at how I approach decluttering, my decision-making process for making confident decluttering decisions, and everything I wish I figured out sooner on my journey.

Here’s what you can expect inside of this starter kit.

At the highest level, this course is divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1: Build your foundation
  • Phase 2: Conquer your clutter
  • Phase 3: Reflect and learn
  • Phase 4: Maintain less clutter for life

By the end, you’ll be able to declutter confidently, create an action plan built for you, and play defense effectively.