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Work With Ronald L. Banks

Clutter To Clarity Starter Kit

The "Clutter To Clarity Starter Kit" is an online course that gives you the tools and proven system you need to transform your life from clutter to clarity. This program will help you:

  • Determine your why, purpose, and desire for decluttering your life.
  • Identify your unique list of core values that will serve as your foundation on this journey.
  • Get clear on your clutter personality type and how it impacts your relationship with stuff.
  • Identify your goals and overcome destructive mindsets that hold you back.
  • Purposefully and efficiently declutter your life with proven strategies.

Conquer My Clutter Video Series

"Conquer My Clutter" is a video series where I personally help people declutter their homes or lives. I gently react to photos and/or video submissions and offer helpful guidance/tips on successfully conquering that clutter. This series will help you:

  • Create a proven game plan for decluttering success with direct advice and guidance about your specific clutter.
  • Build confidence and gain clarity on your decluttering journey.