The Secret To Owning Less

Feb 10, 2022

So you've decluttered your space and other parts of your life. Things seem simple now. For now, because unfortunately, you always seem to find yourself back at square one.

You've built a habit out of buying and then decluttering—decluttering and then buying, and you're not sure why. All you know is that what you're doing isn't working, and now you're discouraged. Sitting there second-guessing this whole journey you've started.

But wait! Before you give up and quit. Here's a mindset trick to help you make a habit of owning less stick.

See, the secret to owning less is not avoiding your favorite store nor turning a blind eye to all consumer marketing. It's not "The Joneses." They're not your problem.

Although managing your relationship with these things is crucial. The secret is simpler than you think. Are you ready? Buckle up! The secret to owning less. Is wanting less.

But see, it's not just about wanting less stuff and things. As I've said, the secret to owning less is simple. But I never mentioned it would be easy.

See, wanting less requires a shift in thinking. It's about reconstructing the way you analyze and process everything!

So instead of thinking about wanting less stuff and things. Think about wanting fewer obligations as an example.

"The more stuff you have, the more things you have to do."

In other words, when you own more. More action is required of you to manage it.

See, having obligations that don't add value to you are considered constraints—things that limit your freedom and the time you have available to do what's most important to you.

Now don't get wrong; living a simple life and owning less is not being free from responsibility. We all have responsibilities and things we have to take care of every day. That's apart of life! There's no way around that!

However, as I mentioned, it is also freeing from constraints—the things that are stealing your time, energy, and peace!

With this in mind, there's a simple question I'm sure you're wondering about: How do we manage our obligations better and keep all constraints to a minimum?

Two things:

  1. Develop a solid daily routine that's filled with the right habits that add value to you. Having a daily routine or a morning routine ensures that your day always starts on a positive note with an intentional focus. Remember, if you don't have a direction for your life, you will not progress.

  2. Get clear on your goals and building systems and actions that support what you want. So if owning less is your goal, then "wanting less" becomes the system on how you do it.

Now keep in mind as you continue to grow and evolve in life, so will your definition of owning less, and that's ok! Remember, different life stages require different things and necessities, but the key is keeping a consistent mindset around wanting less. Because when you want less, you'll always own less!


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