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5 Things To Remember When You're Feeling Stuck

Feb 10, 2022

Work-life balance is impossible to maintain when it's not a clear priority.

That's a pretty bold statement! However, it's a statement I stand by because it's something I've struggled with personally.

On the Ronald L Banks podcast, I shared some thoughts and feelings I've been battle with when it comes to balancing my business and life. And because of that conversation, I think it's time to shake things up slightly here on the blog.

Today, I want to share five things we need to remember whenever we start to feel stuck in life.

1. Feeling Stuck Means It's Time To Change

If you feel stuck, it means that something in your current routine of life isn't working for you anymore. And when this happens, it means it's time to change!

However, when we consider changing things in our life, a few hurdles may start to present themselves. For example, fearFear of change itself or judgment from others.

Now, change doesn't always mean we have to adjust a full 180 degrees. It's about making small tweaks today that translates into a world of difference later.

"Make small tweaks today that will translate into a world of difference later."


2. The Tiniest Step Is Still Progress

Hold on, read that statement again! The tiniest step is still progress!

Sometimes, while making adjustments in life, we think that there is either:

  1. Nothing substantial enough for us to change.

  2. That what we are changing isn't significant enough.

But the irony in all of this is not whether or not something is substantial enough to change. Every small adjustment we make plays a significant role in helping us achieve the result we seek. Remember, it's the little things that are important because little things, over time, add up and become big things. 

When we can wrap our minds around this, I believe it makes anything possible. See, taking tiny consistent steps in a direction that's opposite of feeling stuck—towards change—is better than doing nothing at all.


3. You Don't Have To Have It All Figured Out To Make A Move Forward

The interesting thing about feeling stuck is that sometimes we don't even know what we need or want to get unstuck. It's like we've allowed this numbness we feel to hinder us from making a change, and we shouldn't.

The key is to start moving regardless if we know what our end goal looks like or not. It's about trying new things, and through that process, we can then discover and figure out what that thing is that makes our clock tick again.

Remember nothing changes, if nothing changes.


4. Beautiful Things Happen When You're Clear Of All Negativity

This idea is where minimalism, letting go, and being intentional tie into our journey. Often, negativity goes hand and hand with feeling stuck. Negative thoughts, perspectives, relationships; all of these things affect our journey through life and the road we travel.

It's impossible to build momentum and make progress if we don't deal with the negativity or toxicity in our lives. Think about it like this: Toxicity is unhealthy for growth.


5. Stop Overthinking

I genuinely feel like I'm sitting on the other side of this screen reading this post with you because overthinking is one of the most significant barriers we can create for ourselves in life—I'm guilty of this personally!

"We feel stuck because we're stuck in our head."

Sometimes all we have to do is take a step back, take a deep breath and understand that if something is meant for us, it will always happen at the right time for the right reason.

Overthinking and putting this unnecessary pressure on ourselves is crazy, and it doesn't solve anything. Now yes, I get it. Growth, change, and getting unstuck is an uncomfortable process, but it doesn't mean we should overthink every step along the way.


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